Magic World BRP Fantasy Setting


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Welcome to Amrodan, your traditional, largely generic fantasy milieu intended as a sandbox-style setting for running around while learning / re-acquainting ourselves with the revised Magic World BRP rules.  Amrodan has monarchs, beasties, fairies, sorcerers, and the like, and kingdoms, castles, temples, and dangerous caverns.  Adventure and excitement should befall all who enter... although many just meet the wrong end of a battle axe.

Requirements - Rules / Books Needed

To play in Amrodan, you need the following:

·       Access to a copy of the Magic World rules (now available in PDF here:  Chaosium; and other places in print soon to come)

·       An imagination

·       A willingness to accept that this isn't all that serious of a game we're just goofing around here and hoping to have some fun along the way

·       Patience to accept that the GM probably doesn't know the rules any better than you do (which is why we're doing this), and will attempt to find a balance between looking up something important and keeping the fun moving.
[Are you here for the Grand Tournament?  Check out details for that here.  If you're here to go adventuring, please keep reading below.]

Character Creation Details

REMINDER:  Pgs. 20-21 have a great summary for how to create characters.

Races Permitted as PCs – Humans, Dwarves. Elves, Halfings


Characteristics – Start with the numbers below, then add 6 to one characteristic, 4 to another characteristic, 2 to another characteristic, and then subtract 1 from yet another characteristic.  However, you may not raise any characteristic higher than could be rolled using random characteristic generation.

Humans (pg. 11)

·         STR 10

·         CON 10

·         SIZ 10

·         INT 13

·         POW 13

·         DEX 10

·         APP 10

Dwarves (pg. 169-170 for physical description)

·         STR 14

·         CON 16

·         SIZ 7

·         INT 13

·         POW 10

·         DEX 10

·         APP 10

Elves (pgs. 174-175 for physical description)

·         STR 9

·         CON 10

·         SIZ 9

·         INT 17

·         POW  13

·         DEX 14

·         APP10

Halfling (pgs. 180-205 for physical description)

·         STR 7

·         CON 19

·         SIZ 4

·         INT 13

·         POW 11

·         DEX 17

·            APP 10


Culture Options – All four (Band, Tribe, Chiefdom, State)


Occupations Permitted –  Astrologer, Craftsperson, Scribe, Peasant Farmer, Fisherman, Hunter, Merchant, Soldier, Mercenary, Minor Noble, Engineer, Sorcerer (characteristics permitting)


Skills – Use the system on pg. 19 and 22 (but check for racial exceptions as well - see pg. 153-154):

·       One occupation skill at +60

·       Three occupation skills at +40

·       Four occupation skills at +20

·       One non-occupation skill at +40

·       Three non-occupation skills at +20

No skill, including Dodge, can start higher than 90, including all bonuses.  Yes, this runs contrary to the statement on pg. 220, and, yes, this is an arbitrary rule (although borrowed from similar BRP games run by Andrew T.).  If everything totaled puts a skill above 90, you can decide either to keep your +60 skill as that skill and accept the loss of any percentile points over 90 to make it 90, or put that +60 skill somewhere else.


Allegiances – Rank them as you wish, but don’t plan to get too bogged down into allegiance until / unless this game goes on for a while.

Sorcery – Magic is available to anyone with a POW of 16+.  There is a lot of good information starting on pg. 95.  If you don't take the Sorceror occupation, then you're limited to 3 spell levels in your grimoire (to start with).  If you do take Sorceror, then you start with a number of spells equal to ½ your INT in your grimoire.


Age – You're just starting out, so your age is 17 + 1d6 in years.  If this is adjusted by race somewhere in the rules, then use the starting age appropriate for your race.

Appearance and Distinctive Features Feel free to use the table on pg. 16 or not... or a mix (e.g., roll 1d10 to see what the feature is and the select from the suggestions, pick all of them entirely on your own, or whatever floats your boat).

Gear – Use your starting money to buy any weapons and armor; general gear you can just put on your sheet, assuming it’s common stuff and appropriate for your occupation.  Starting money is covered in the rule book. 


Other Notes:

  • You’re all beginning the game as novice adventures.  You’re skilled enough to qualify for your occupation, but you’re hardly a standout yet, and you have done little adventuring yet outside of your occupation’s comfort zone.  In D&D terms, you're each level 1 characters.
  • To get everyone together that much quicker, we’ll be using the 100 Reasons Characters Are Together PDF that I borrowed from Marc B. (from whom he got it I have no idea).  We’ll roll these once we’re sitting around the table together.
  • You'll be starting in or near Elwin - many miles from the seat of the Empire.

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