Magic World BRP Fantasy Setting


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Files for Download

UPDATE:  The official Magic World character sheet can be downloaded here.

Alernatively, Marc B. modified the current BRP sheet so the skills match those in Magic World, and then did another pass to adjust the skills for each available PC race, and then yet another pass to adjust the back to handle Allegiances and the grimoire.  It's not the official sheet, but should work, and unlike the official one above does have some Thanks, Marc!

NOTE:  THESE HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATED since v1.9 of the pre-release rules, which means you'll need to double-check all the racial skill bases.  These sheets may save some time, or may not be worth the effort.  (Not that we still don't appreciate all of Marc's hard work the first two times around!)


BRP Character Sheet -- Magic World - Human

BRP Character Sheet -- Magic World - Dwarf

BRP Character Sheet -- Magic World - Elf

BRP Character Sheet -- Magic World - Halfling


In earlier revs of the BRP sheets above, there were some Magic World specific elements (e.g., Allegiances, place for your grimoire, etc.) missing.  As the Stormbringer / Elric! RPG were also very much inspiration for this version of the game, we thought we might find that the Elric Character Sheet works better.  However, if you risk it, you'll need to be extra careful to check skill levels.

And finally, mainly for laughs, but it might just work as well as any other, and certainly is simpler, here is the Original Magic World Character Sheet (based on the very original BRP rules found in Worlds of Wonder from 1982).

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